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Mobility Towel Features

The Features

Facing mobility challenges takes patience and can become frustrating during those moments when you would much rather do it for yourself.  Being able to dry off after bathing is one of those moments. Mobility Towel makes it easy to dry off one's legs, feet, toes, and back by yourself without bending over or straining to reach. 

There are two design features that make the Mobility Towel unique and effective:

  • The sewn on handle which was designed to grasp with your hand or to slide your wrist through
  • Two permanently embedded three-ounce weights on one end of the towel 


For the legs: 
Drape the towel centered over your leg, one at a time, and the weights and  gravity will do the rest. By either holding the towel from the handles or from whatever part of the towel is most comfortable, simply drag the towel up and down your leg.  Turning your leg slightly will force the towel around the back of your leg.  The weights provide increased contact with your skin to effectively dry the leg.

For the feet and toes: 
Simply place the weighted end of the towel on the floor and rub your feet and toes over the two soft weights. Not only will it dry your feet and toes but it almost feels like a mini massage! 

For the back:
Drying your back can easily be done using one hand or two, depending on what is most comfortable. Then, simply toss it over your back, raise your arm (s) toward the ceiling, letting the weights and gravity do the work. A few repetitions of this motion will dry the back.

Whether drying your legs, feet, toes, or your back, the weighted Mobility Towel provides the increased contact needed with your skin to effectively dry off without assistance.