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About Us

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for people who need assistance with basic activities of daily living. 


The Team Behind Mobility Towel

Kathleen Quinn, MBA, EdD, President of Kay Inspired and inventor of Mobility Towel, has a passion for making life easier for others. After watching her mom, Kay, struggle to dry herself after bathing, she wanted to do something to help give her back her independence, dignity, and freedom. 

Kathleen spent many years as a caregiver to her mother, as well as a 35 year professional career in higher education, currently serving as Associate Vice President of Strategic Projects at Maryville University. Whether she is creating adaptive devices or meeting with students her desire is to be a positive influence and make life easier for others.  Her motivation to help others was inspired by her mother's example.

Jack Hamilton is the Vice President. He brings a successful 30 year career in marketing and packaging through his promotions business where has he worked with many Fortune 500 companies. Jack has strong business relationships with high end factories in Asia and the United States, and is an expert in designing and delivering healthcare items sold through retail.

Jack and Kathleen are childhood friends and he had a lifelong friendship with Kathleen's mother, Kay. To this day, he considers her an inspiration in his life. When Kathleen introduced Jack to her patented invention, he jumped at the opportunity to help fulfill Kay's vision of helping as many people as possible through Mobility Towel.

Our Story

Kay "Happy" Quinn

The Mobility Towel was born out of a daughter's love and desire to help her mother regain her independence and dignity after bathing. Kathleen's mother, Kay, suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Kathleen was determined to create something to allow her dry herself without assistance.  Although Kay has passed away, her unbreakable spirit and her positive attitude lives on in the lives she touched and the product she helped bring to life - Mobility Towel .

Kay "Happy" Quinn
The inspiration behind Mobility Towel